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King Namo

5 stars

Heather helped my wife through three pregnancies. She was always caring, and was quick to respond to texts, calls, and didn’t hesitate to come check on my wife if we felt like she needed to be seen in person. Awesome midwife and loves what she does.

Man holding his newborn baby
New mother with her baby

Teresa Soileau

5 stars

Heather helped me through three pregnancies. I don’t think anyone could have given me the comfort and care that I received from her. If you’re looking for a midwife- I promise you can’t find anyone better!

Mary Eddy

5 stars

It’s really hard to put into words how grateful I am for Heather. She’s kind, compassionate, professional, thorough, detailed, and most of all trustworthy. She assisted me with two home births, and each time was amazing. She allowed me the space to labor with my husband while remaining a peaceful, encouraging presence and listened to my intuition/trusted me to know my body. She also has amazing intuition and attention to detail. She provides whole body care from start to finish and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Midwfire with a newborn
Mother and midwife with baby

Carmen Homemaker

5 stars

I’m beyond blessed to have experienced my first home birth with Heather. From our first visit at around 12 weeks to the delivery of our baby girl, Heather was informative, encouraging and compassionate from start to finish. If God provides us more children, we’ll definitely be calling Heather again.

Katie-Lynn and Michael Crandell

5 stars

We had the pleasure of delivering our little one at home with the guidance and assistance of Heather. Through her we were able to have the autonomous birth we wanted while still having the safety of a professional by our side. Heather spent time asking us what our birth vision was and did her best to see that through so long as everyone was safe.

Birth can be exhilarating and healing, in Heather’s care that is exactly what we got.


black and white photo of a newborn baby.

Monica L

5 stars

Heather provided great support and care throughout my pregnancy and especially during labor. I was drawn in by her holistic approach to birthing and I’m so grateful to have found her! As a first time mom, I had a lot of questions and concerns, but Heather put me at ease and guided me along the way. She helped me stick to my birth plan and encouraged me the entire duration of my labor. I can’t recommend her enough! Heather has a true gift for nurturing expectant mothers and their children.

Natalie Jordan

5 stars

Heather was my midwife for two births, and I couldn’t recommend her more! Her calm, kind demeanor was just what I needed during all of my prenatal appointments and during delivery. She knew just what to do when one of my daughters got stuck in the birth canal and when she needed oxygen just after delivery. Heather took fantastic care of my babies and me after delivery as well, allowing us to have a restful and peaceful experience.

Izzy Kurtz

5 stars

I’ve been meaning to write this review for some time, as Heather was my midwife for our first born boy. I just haven’t been able to find the words to describe what an amazing experience it was and how she was the best midwife for us to choose to have a home birth.

I am thankful for the care she put into the entire process. Heather was truly invested in the wellbeing of our entire family unit and I never felt like just a patient with her.

When the day came for me to give birth, she gave me the space I wanted and needed while being very present. She is very in tune with what the mother needs during such an important time. She made me feel empowered and strong as well as putting me at ease going through something for the first time. Heather’s knowledge and care for myself and my baby gave me so much trust in her.

Heather will make your birthing experience something that is so precious, memorable and positive.

All midwives who dedicate their lives to this profession, are amazing human beings for the work they do. Heather, however, is the best of the best.

I am thankful every day when I look in the eyes of my wild and crazy boy, that she helped bring him into this world, safe and healthy.

Vanessa R.

5 stars

My husband and I felt incredibly lucky to have found Heather to provide for us during the journey of pregnancy and our home water birth. We felt a feeling of warmth, kindness, experience, and support from the first meeting. Heather was always available to answer our questions and as a FTM I always felt respected and supported as many times I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. We had a scare early on at 12 weeks and Heather’s calmness helped us stay focused through it, she remained supportive and present checking in afterwards. One of the many things I appreciate about Heather is how she allowed me to follow my intuition and provided gentle guidance by her expertise and experience. I am a person who highly values staying as close to nature as possible, and Heather practices a hollistic approach which made me feel comfortable and safe. She knew about vitamins, nutrition, and had a ton of resources for us to learn. Every one of her recommendations was spot on. My delivery was nothing short of amazing and that was due to the wonderful birth team guided by Heather. If we are blessed to bring another life into this world, Heather will be our first call. Thank you Heather!

Birth can be exhilarating and healing, in Heather’s care that is exactly what we got.

Jami Ward

5 stars

Highly recommend Heather. She has such a nice calming presence. She listens to you and truly wants you to have the best birth experience possible.

Meredith Fitzgerald

5 stars

Heather supported us through a beautiful home birth. I felt supported, cared for and safe through the entire process! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for personalized, supportive pregnancy, birth and baby care.

Sara Davis

5 stars

Heather is a truly wonderful human. I would highly recommend using her for midwifery services. As I went through my pregnancy anticipating being a first time mom, Heather quelled all of my fears and anxiety about birth. She took time to listen and answer questions about anything that was on my mind. During labor, I unfortunately had to transfer to the hospital. As my daughter came earlier than expected, I did not have a transfer plan. (oops!) Heather quickly got on the phone and made the best possible plan for us. She helped facilitate everything once we arrived and stayed until I was comfortable. I cannot express my immense gratitude for her and the way she cared for me and my family before, during and postpartum!

Jessica Jackson Robertson

5 stars

Heather was my midwife for the birth of my second child, and helped me achieve the most beautiful experience I could have hoped for. She was a wonderful guide through my pregnancy, always taking the time to walk through all my choices and options, and was especially helpful helping me navigate pregnancy during the earliest days of Covid.

The best part of home birth though is the days after! Heather was at my bedside for 12, 24, 36 hours after delivery for check ins, and beyond. She was so capable and able to help me correct my breast feeding, which led to a much more positive BF experience than with my first born.

I’m so grateful I got to work with Heather and trusted her to deliver my Son.

Hadas Hamruz

5 stars

We had a beautiful home birth with Heather in April 2023.

She guided us through our pregnancy in a way that made it feel like she was a close friend who was rooting for us all the way. She never made us feel rushed and took time to answer any and all questions that we had about our upcoming birth.

When I was in labor, she was such a calm and loving presence, always knowing just how much or how little I needed in the moment. She fully respected our birth plan wishes and completely empowered me every step of the way.

I am eternally grateful for the wonderful birth experience she gave me. I will absolutely be calling her again for baby #2!

Heather has my vote for BEST San Antonio midwife !!!

Aurelia Walker

5 stars

My heart is full! I’m 2.5 months postpartum now and on a regular basis I think of how grateful I am that I found Heather. She is an astonishing midwife, woman, mother, and friend. My labor and birth were able to run smoothly because of a few things; 1) how safe I felt in her care. 2) She instructed me on evidence based labor prep. 3) She was hands off just enough that we knew my baby was tolerating labor. You can feel her passion and love for facilitating life in its rawest form. One of my highlights of my experience was when Heather arrived. I was in the middle of a contraction and had no idea she arrived but I felt someone lovingly rubbing on my back. I was laboring on the floor and when the wave was over, I looked up to see Heather sitting on the floor with me, smiling. I am in love with the labor and birth I had, thank you to Heather’s expertise and love. I could go on but I’ll stop there. 10/10 would always recommend.


5 stars

I was expecting in 2020 and as we approached my due date I started to consider a home birth for the first time. I had read Ina May Gaskin’s book on child birth and was already feeling empowered to give a natural birth a go but the hospital COVID policies were the push I needed to ultimately make the decision. I interviewed a couple midwives before meeting Heather but immediately felt confident that she was who we wanted to work with. She was incredibly professional and I felt completely assured of her medical expertise. The entire experience was a gift. Heather and her team were amazing in every way possible. More than anything, I’m so grateful for their care and concern.

Nadja Frazier

5 stars

Heather is a skilled and nurturing midwife. The prenatal care I received from her was thorough and I felt very safe with her. The appointments are never rushed and she is always very responsive for any questions or concerns in between appointments. I felt truly listened to and respected from day one. She provided judgment free information so we could make informed decisions every step of the way. My husband also loved Heather and we enjoyed coming to each appointment as a family with our toddler in tow. During labor she was encouraging and reminded me that I was capable. The care we received postpartum was equally phenomenal. I cannot recommend Heather enough!

Hannah Evertt

5 stars

Heather is an amazing midwife! I’ve never felt so cared for by someone outside of my family. She lovingly helped us navigate pregnancy, birth and parenthood in a way that empowered and strengthened us.

I am eternally grateful to Heather for her incredible skill and grace that allowed me to have the beautiful home water birth I dreamed of. I truly believe that my son Liam got the best possible start in life because of his gentle beautiful homebirth. Heathers kindness and steadfast belief in me truly helped me to get through the hardest times in labor. I don’t know if I could have done it without her! She is hands down the BEST midwife in San Antonio and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Dani Opal

5 stars

Heather is an amazing midwife. She gave me the gift of having my baby in the comfort of my own home and supporting me so well through pregnancy and labor. She is kind, knowledgeable, and calming. I had some challenges to overcome in labor but in those moments I felt confident we would get through it because of Heather’s support and care. When you tell people you had a home birth they always ask “would you do it again”, and my experience was so positive, so empowering, I would for sure. Thanks Heather <3

Drea Patlan

5 stars

Heather is the BEST!! I felt super cared for during and after my pregnancy. She always was super informative when I had a question which really helped ease any anxieties I had. Everyone should go to her!! 💕💕💕

Bee Lauher

5 stars

Heather was the best part of my pregnancy! The care she provided was outstanding from beginning to end. She truly trusted in me, my body and the process of birth.

Madison Grey

5 stars

Heather is an amazing midwife! We loved working with her so much that she supported us during the birth of two of our children. Her demeanor is calm and reassuring, and she provided much needed help for all of my questions during pregnancy and post-partum too. Her depth of knowledge helped me to have healthier, calmer pregnancies and recoveries. During labor, she adeptly knew how to handle a couple of complications that arose, and she safely delivered our sweet little ones.

We can’t thank her enough!

R Page

5 stars

Heather is incredible! She truly believes in a woman’s ability for a healthy birth. I sought out her services after feeling like I wasn’t receiving the best care with my doctor. Heather is knowledgeable, calm and together we made an individualized plan for my pregnancy and birth. I cannot thank her enough for the lengths she will go to ensure I had the best experience possible

Serene Rose McKellar

5 stars

Heather was my midwife for my second home birth. She is absolutely wonderful! Her calm nature is so reassuring and helpful both during prenatal visits and in labor. It was an incredible experience. Because of her kind and gentle nature she really helps you feel like you are 100% in control of your birth experience.

I can’t speak highly enough of her and the birthing experience she was able to provide for me.

Nicole Tuscher

5 stars

I can’t recommend Heather enough. She is such a skilled, nurturing midwife. I loved receiving prenatal care from her, especially being pregnant for 2020, it was a stressful time! Heather consistently made me feel reassured and safe through every moment. Heather’s postpartum care is also so lovely, warm, and knowledgeable. My husband and I had some nervousness around a home birth, but Heather was able to honor our vision for the birth while still prioritizing safety for mama and baby. During the birth she provided me with helpful instructions to keep everything progressing. She is truly amazing at what she does and works so hard. If you are seeking out a home birth, you will be hard pressed to find a better midwife. Thank you so much Heather, we have only the fondest memories!

A Mays

5 stars

Heather and her team were the best! Being able to have a home birth at the spike of the pandemic was crucial to me and Heather made all the worries I had go away. I am so thankful and would highly recommend for your midwifery needs!

George Alaniz

5 stars

Heather is an excellent midwife! Best in San Antonio

Jasmin Berry

5 stars

I had Heather as my midwife for my first baby in March. The care, attentiveness, and knowledge is unmatched. I did a lot of research before choosing my midwife and couldn’t find anyone in the SA area that gave me the confidence of care that Heather provided. Definitely will continue to choose Heather for my next births!

Faith Valdez

5 stars

As a young, first-time mother, I didn’t know much about pregnancy or childbirth, but I knew that I wanted to have a home birth. When I first called Heather she was amazingly informative about my different options from the very beginning. My husband was more worried about preparing for Birth than I was, and Heather continued to provide us with reassurance, natural birthing-classes and any other tips, tricks and resources that we needed and answered ANY question we had. From the first phone call to the night we brought our son into the world, Heather was the best decision we made for ourselves as we became new parents. My pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experience was beautiful and stress free and I was able to enter motherhood with so much confidence. Thank you Heather!!! -The Kerr Family

April Etue

5 stars

I’m overflowing with gratitude as I sit down to write this review for our incredible midwife Heather.

From the very beginning, Heathers genuine nature and gentle care touched our hearts. She didn’t just care for us; she became an essential part of our birth story. She helped turn what could have been a nerve-wracking experience into something truly beautiful.

The hi-light of our homebirth experience was the perfect water birth of our son, Mason! It felt like a dream, just as I had envisioned welcoming him into the world. Her encouragement to listen to my body and follow my intuition made the entire process feel so incredibly empowering. (A very different experience from my first hospital birth!)

Throughout our pregnancy, her knowledge of herbs and natural medicine helped me so so much. I was able to manage both my nausea and anemia with natural herbs and supplements that she recommended. I felt so much better during this pregnancy because of her guidance in these areas.

Heather is more than just a healthcare provider; she’s a guardian of beautiful beginnings. To any expecting mother in San Antonio, I wholeheartedly recommend her and Birth Bliss Midwifery. Her holistic approach, deep knowledge, and genuine love make her a treasure in the world of midwifery. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping us welcome our baby into the world with such warmth and love. You are forever a part of our family’s story, and we couldn’t be more grateful.