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“You are an incredible midwife with such a gift. Your laughter is soothing and your energy is calm and affirmative. I am grateful that you helped me throughout this pregnancy, coaxing me along.” – Amy Z

labor experience with an at home birth


The home is a sacred place. It’s your personal haven, filled with the ones you love, and the possessions you choose to carry through life. There is no better place to welcome the newest member of your family, than in the safety and warmth of your own home. Which is why I am such a strong advocate for the safe and nurturing experience of at home births.

The largest study of home births, published in the British Medical Journal, found that home birth, when attended by Certified Professional Midwives are safe for low risk pregnancies, and involves far fewer interventions than similar births in hospitals, and overall better postpartum outcomes.


When you choose the path of a home birth, you embark on a journey that is guided largely by your preferences, with minimal interventions compared to hospital births. As your midwife, I provide not only a gentle approach that will nurture and empower you, but also the medical expertise needed to identify risk factors and manage complications. Your health and safety are always my top priority. 

Here’s what you can expect from a home birth with Birth Bliss Midwifery:

  • Continuity of care
  • Close monitoring of you and your baby during labor
  • A safe and comfortable birthing environment
  • Reduction in routine interventions
  • Freedom of movement during labor
  • Immediate bonding with your baby

Throughout your journey, I’ll be by your side, assisting you not only in your physical preparation but also in nurturing your mental and emotional well-being. Together, we will embark on this transformative voyage, so we can welcome your baby into the world with confidence and joy.

From the earliest moments of your pregnancy to the miracle of birth, and even the postpartum period after, I will be your steadfast advocate. My commitment is to provide skilled medical care, sound advice, and a compassionate ear every step of the way. I’m honored to walk this path with you, and to help make these once in a lifetime moments truly special.

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