Prenatal Care San Antonio, TX

Building a Foundation for Healthy Beginnings

The ABCs of Prenatal Wellness

“Heather Hilton is a highly skilled, compassionate and respectful midwife. She helped me through a difficult pregnancy and made my birth a gentle, empowering and truly amazing experience.” – Christina N.

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Pregnancy, and birth are remarkable chapters in a woman’s life, filled with the potential for extraordinary and empowering experiences. As a dedicated midwife, I am here to offer holistic care that extends beyond the traditional medical model to all soon-to-be mothers in the San Antonio area.

Throughout your journey, I’ll be by your side, assisting you not only in your physical preparation but also in nurturing your mental and emotional well-being. Together, we will embark on this transformative voyage, so we can welcome your baby into the world with confidence and joy.

From the earliest moments of your pregnancy to the miracle of birth, and even the postpartum period after, I will be your steadfast advocate. My commitment is to provide skilled medical care, sound advice, and a compassionate ear every step of the way. I’m honored to walk this path with you, and to help make these once in a lifetime moments truly special.

Our Care Includes

Prenatal Consultations

Our prenatal appointments are never hurried. I take the time to thoroughly answer any questions you or your partner have. You will be given time to consider each step along this journey, as I provide gentle guidance and recommendations as requested. We will meet together at each of these appointments, to help foster a relationship of trust and understand throughout your pregnancy and birth.
  • Preconception interviews
  • Free 1 hour consultation with your midwife
  • Every four weeks until 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • Every two weeks from 32-36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Weekly visits from 36 to 42 weeks of pregnancy or birth

          Informed Decisions

          No test is required. While certain tests are more strongly advised than others, opting for a home birth comes with the understanding that you, as parents, are assuming greater responsibility for the outcome of your pregnancy and childbirth. Your desire to reclaim decision-making authority is respected, and we wholeheartedly support your autonomy in this regard.

          • Medical / Pregnancy history
          • Access to sonograms (if needed)
          • Lab work
          • Blood grouping
          • Antibody screening
          • Titre
          • Rubella
          • Hepatitis screen
          • Hematocrit / Hemoglobin
          • HIV (if requested)

                          Education & Care

                          As your midwife, I will take every opportunity to help guide and support you. This includes offering additional education and resources to ensure you and knowledgeable and prepared for anything.

                          I also preform various assessments throughout the pregnancy to make sure both mother and baby and healthy.

                          • Nutritional counseling
                          • Pregnancy / Childbirth education
                          • Blood pressure / Pulse monitoring
                          • Weight gain assessment
                          • Fetal well-being assessment
                            • Heart rate
                            • Growth
                            • Activiy
                            • Position
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                                Unrushed prenatal visits with plenty of time to address concerns and answer questions.

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                                Partners and children are always welcome at prenatal visits and births.


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                                Customized recommendations regarding lifestyle and nutrition.

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                                Informed choice on all procedures and tests.

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                                Your health and safety will always come first.

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                                A skilled health professional who will honor and respect your wishes.


                                *Availablity 24/7 for urgent needs.

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