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Superior Midwifery Care

At Birth Bliss Midwifery, our care is rooted in a gentle and holistic approach. We are truly striving to give expecting mothers, parents, and their families the highest quality of midwifery care available. We take the time to listen, encourage, and empower you throughout your home birth journey. Our certified midwife uses evidence-based practices to stay current with accurate prenatal health care recommendations and inform you on what is needed for a healthy pregnancy and homebirth. Creating meaningful and trusting interpersonal relationships is essential to us. We are here for you every step of the way; throughout your prenatal visits, labor and birth experience, and your postpartum recovery time. Providing you with meaningful individualized care and support throughout this significant journey is our highest priority!

Certified Midwife in San Antonio, Tx

Our San Antonio midwife is devoted to ensuring that each mother and parent has a secure and healthy pregnancy, birthing experience, and postpartum period. We believe that all birthing families should have access to compassionate, gentle, and evidence-based services. With her years of experience in providing quality pregnancy and well-woman care, our midwife offers individualized prenatal care throughout the entire perinatal period. Additionally, our midwife is ensuring your care will meet all medical needs safely, efficiently, and effectively. Our services include personalized prenatal and postpartum visits, ordering ultrasounds, drawing labs, testing for genetic disorders, individualized nutritional counseling, on-call birth care, homebirth & waterbirth, breastfeeding support, as well as other specialized services. All of these services are personally cultivated to ensure both mother and baby are given an optimal health standard and the opportunity to create an environment that encourages well-being, health, and empowerment. 

Our midwife is here to provide you with support and guidance each step of the way during labor and delivery. Ensuring that your birth experience is positive, safe, and comfortable for both you and your baby is the ultimate goal. We understand how significant this time is for expecting mothers and families, so we strive to ensure everyone has the information they need with an unparalleled level of comfort and care throughout their entire journey. Our midwifery approach is rooted in the intention of being a safe space and caring for all kinds of birthing families in the San Antonio area!

Why Should You Use Certified professional Midwives?

Midwifery care with a mother and baby

A certified professional midwife will offer individualized and holistic guidance and care for you and your baby’s overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Skilled in natural birthing techniques as well as providing comfort during pregnancy for mothers-to-be, midwives prioritize patient safety through evidence-based care with low intervention rates that are hard to come by in a hospital setting. We are trained and educated to provide an expert approach in risk assessment, education, and perinatal care that ensures the safety and well-being of you and your baby. Certified professional midwives prioritize the health of the family, while ensuring optimal conditions for healthy attachment and bonding for the mother-baby and/or parent-baby dad.

Midwives recognize the importance of personalized midwifery care, allowing for a truly unique experience catered to your specific healthcare needs. With the expertise of a certified homebirth midwife, you can reduce the likelihood of interventions and have more autonomy with your birthing experience.

Services Certified Midwives Provide

Certified professional midwives offer a myriad of services beyond just medical care for women and parents. As licensed midwives, we offer services such as nutritional counseling, medical and emotional support during pregnancy birth and postpartum, gynecologic screenings, reproductive health counseling along with childbirth assistance. Midwifery care is more than just delivering babies – it also involves educating women about their options to empower them throughout their entire birthing journey. We offer many services such as:

    • Prenatal care

    • Labor and delivery care

    • Postpartum and newborn care

    • Water birth

    • Placenta encapsulation

    • Fetal sex testing

    • Routine lab draws

    • Referrals for specialized care 

    • Childbirth education

    • Doula services in case of transport

    • Well-woman / Well-person gynecological services

    • Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and infant care resources

    • Lactation support and breastfeeding expertise 

    • Herb and supplement recommendations

    • Spiritual and emotional support

    • & More!

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Prenatal Care

At Birth Bliss Midwifery, our midwives go above and beyond to provide the highest standard of prenatal care. Midwife-led prenatal visits are focused on families and natural approaches to ensure that both mother and baby are in optimal health. We also incorporate other medical techniques when needed to address any potential risks or complications during pregnancy. Additionally, we offer on-going sessions to provide guidance to expecting parents on nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and other important topics related to their pregnancy. Birth Bliss midwives are here to answer any questions you might have and are available to provide emotional support throughout your unique journey.

We believe that every woman should have access to quality and evidence-based healthcare and family planning services. By sharing our expertise, education, and guidance, we prioritize your personal experience prenatally. Midwives provide a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment for both mother and baby, making them an ideal choice for expecting parents seeking to have the best experience possible.

Birth Support

As your birth team, we approach care to each birth experience with compassion, attentiveness, and expertise. Certified midwives are on-call for your labor and birth beginning at 37 weeks and up to 42 weeks of your pregnancy. During this time, we are available 24-7 to answer questions and provide labor assessments and support. Our Midwives follow evidence-based protocols for monitoring the well-being of you and your baby, assessing the progress of labor, and providing recommendations as needed. We work with you and your family as a team to cultivate a gentle and empowering birth experience. As trained, educated and certified homebirth midwives, we are prepared to respond to all birth scenarios, and ensure we create a safe birthing experience for you and your baby. We remain with you through your homebirth experience and into the immediate postpartum to ensure the establishment of breastfeeding, support of skin-to-skin, newborn examination, and healthy transitions for the family.

Postpartum & Newborn Care

After your little one is here, our midwives provide ongoing postpartum care and support. Our midwives provide education on newborn care, assessment of vitals, breastfeeding support, and comprehensive well-baby services. Throughout the postpartum period, your team will also be assessing mother / parent well-being through standard midwifery care, lactation support, screening for postpartum depression, and many other areas of support. Our midwives are here to offer you a comforting and supportive postpartum experience. We will also be available beyond your 6 week postpartum period if you are in need of routine well-woman care such as Pap smears, bloodwork and labs, or guidance with relevant resources. As part of our dedication to your well-being, we will always point you toward additional resources as needed. With Birth Bliss Midwifery on your team in this journey, rest assured that your postnatal period will be an uplifting one!

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