How to Find the Best San Antonio Midwife for Your Pregnancy Journey: Quick Questions to Ask

Finding the Best San Antonio Midwife for Your Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is one of those times in your life when you really start thinking about what matters most, and choosing your birthing options is just as important. If you are considering a San Antonio home birth, choosing a midwife that is right for you is a big part of that puzzle. At Birth Bliss Midwifery, we are all about helping you find the right questions to ask to find the best match for your big journey ahead.

The Perks of Picking a Home Birth Midwife

Choosing a home birth midwife means you’re looking for someone who’s all about giving you the power to birth your way. Certified professional midwives are all about fewer interventions and more about what feels right for you. Pretty cool, right?

How to Start Your Search

Word of Mouth and a Bit of Googling

You can start by asking around – friends, family, or other birth professionals like doulas or childbirth educators. You can also search the internet to see who is available and what you are looking for. It’s all about finding someone who understands your vision and connects with you.

Credentials Matter, But So Does Chemistry

Yes, when researching a water birth midwife, you want someone who is experienced and licensed. But you also want to click, have chemistry with them. After all, your midwife is going to be a big part of a very personal experience.

Making Sure You’re on the Same Page

The beauty of choosing a home birth midwife lies in finding someone who truly hears you and honors your preferences. Home birth offers the rare and unique opportunity to shape your birthing experience exactly as you envision it—be it outside in a birthing pool for a water birth under the moonlight or in a setting that feels most comfortable and empowering to you. It’s all about partnering with a midwife who not only supports your choices but also champions your autonomy every step of the way.

Questions to Make Sure They’re The One

  1. What’s your experience and training? You want someone who’s been around the block a few times.
  2. How do you handle the tough stuff? Birth can be unpredictable. Make sure they have a plan for the what-ifs.
  3. How much support will I get throughout? Will your midwife be there for just the birth, or will she stay a little longer to help you get settled?
  4. Can I meet/talk to a couple of your recent clients? Nothing beats hearing from those who’ve been in your shoes.
  5. Is the birthing pool/tub included in your service fees, or will I need to arrange for one separately? It’s important to ask this, especially if you’re leaning towards an at-home water birth, as it’s not always included.

Deciding If They’re Right for You

When hiring a home birth midwife, take your time to think over their answers and how you felt chatting with them. This decision is all about what feels right in your gut.


Finding the right San Antonio home birth midwife is about finding someone who gets you, supports you, and is ready to go the distance for your unique birth experience. It’s a big decision, but with the right questions and a bit of soul-searching, you’ll find your birth-day hero.

Remember, this journey is your unique experience. Know your birth options by finding alternative options. Unlike in a traditional hospital setting, you have the power to make choices that are best for you. Make sure the midwife you choose to share it with is someone who makes you feel confident, calm, and ready to meet your little one.

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