At Home Water Birth 101: Is A Water Birth Less Painful?

Are you considering an at home water birth? One of the most common questions and reasons why expecting mothers choose an at home water birth is because it is likely to offer some pain relief. When you are floating in warm water, you should feel a natural relaxation, a sense of weightlessness that can significantly reduce discomfort during labor and delivery. Research indicates it is indeed less painful for many women who have a water birth at home. A 2018 study compared self-reported pain levels in two groups of women – those who gave birth in water and those who delivered their babies out of water. The participants who labored and birthed in a tub reported experiencing less pain than the other group at every stage.

Additionally, water immersion has been shown to reduce tension in the pelvic floor muscles, allowing them to relax more fully during delivery. This allows the mother’s body to progress through labor with less resistance and fewer interventions, if any. The warm water serves as a natural analgesic, providing all-over comfort and relief for the mother during an intense physical experience. In addition, being immersed in water triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain-reducing hormone associated with feelings of pleasure. This gives the mother a rush of calming neurochemical when she needs them most.

An at home water birth has many benefits, however it does not eliminate pain entirely. Experiencing contractions is a physical feat no matter how or where you deliver your baby. But being immersed in the comfort of a deep warm birthing tub can take the edge off significantly. Many mother’s report feeling empowered after their water birth at home.

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