Certified Professional Midwife in San Antonio, TX

Heather Hilton Johnson, LM, CPM

After working as a trained health professional and experiencing standardized maternity care first hand, I wanted to provide families with a holistic, gentle, sacred and safe alternative — one that far too many hospital births lacked.

In 2008, newly pregnant with my second child, I decided to not only hire a midwife for my own home birth, but to become one myself! I started supporting women through their labors and births, and I just couldn’t get enough!

In 2012, I traveled to Haiti where I volunteered at a high volume birth center, which enhanced my midwifery skills and expanded my heart in ways I had never imagined. In 2013, I became a NARM Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed California Midwife, then soon began my own home birth practice.

In the summer of 2022, now a mother of four, I relocated with my family to Northwest San Antonio, Texas, where I opened Birth Bliss Midwifery. I am thrilled to provide the wonderful families of San Antonio with respectful, gentle prenatal care, home births, water births and the option of placenta encapsulation.


Birth Bliss Midwifery